Monday, October 29, 2007

A hard training

My pronunciations of WOULD and WOODS are a nightmare. I have been practising them with my boyfriend. Of course, he was like a teacher. In the pronounciation of the word "would", we decided that I could sometimes say "I'd". The other word "woods" was still deifficult for me. I tried to follow the mouthing like my boyfriend showed me, but it still sounds wrong. I could not help bursting into laughter because his appearance was like an ostrich when he pronunced 'wo' many times. My lesson finished because I couldn't stop laughing.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


My friend in Japan got married today. I only knew about it at the begining of this month because we couldn't keep in touch for a while. She tried to contact me about her wedding but I was away from Japan, I also tried to send e-mails to her but her address had changed. I looked for a post card from her when I went back home to Japan because I thought her home address should be there. I found it as I expected although I hadn't enough time to write a letter to her in Japan so I posted it from England.
What surprises me is that she got married to a man who I introduced to her 12 years ago. They have not been togather for 12 years, they started seeing each other again at the begining of this year. I've been feeling so sorry that I couldn't go to the wedding. Cogratulations!! from England.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Love music

I like Friday nights even though I don't work because especialy hard. I love listening to the radio which is playing dance music. I often dance with my boyfriend at home like an idiot. The reasons why I came to England are because I want to improve my English and love music and clubbing. Clubbing is not popular with Japanese and also it's difficult to find mates to go to a club with. But in England, young and old of both sexes go clubbing. I think it's one of the merits of the English.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


It's quite difficult to pronounce the words would and wood for me. everyone says "pardon?" whenever I say the words would or wood. When someone doesn't understand would or wood even though I said it many times, in the end I say the spelling. Especially my pronounce of wood seems very funny for English people, everyone bursts into laughter when I say"wood". No matter how long it takes, I would like to be able to proper pronounce "wood" like English people.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Post cards

I recieved two post cards today unexpectedly. One card came from my mother who is living in Japan. The other one is from my cousin who is living in Canada. I have been writing letters to my cousin for more than 20 years. E-mails are much commoner than letters nowadays, although my cousin and I don't know each others e-mail address and my mother sends post cards because she can't use a computer. Anyway, getting letters is one of my pleasures.

Monday, October 22, 2007


A friend of my boyfrend brought a load of wood to burn in the fireplace even though we haven't got a stove yet. He explained there are four sort of woods to me but I knew only pine tree. If I was explained it in Japanese, I would understand what kinds of wood there are. However, recognising kinds of English trees, plants and animals are still hard for me. Anyway there is no doubt that a house made of stone will be able to keep warm longer than Japanese houses when we use the fireplace.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Frozen feet

My feet are extremely cold!! I can't sleep with cold feet so I wear socks and slippers to keep my feet warm after I've had a bath. I like to ski but my toes get sore because of the cold temperature. I feel that my toes are freezing and will be getting frostbite whenever I ski and I warm them in front of a stove when I have a break. There is no point in insisting that I want to ski here because it doesn't snow much in England and there are no places to ski unless you go to Scotland.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Frozen cows

What surprises me is that it was chilly and frosty this morning even though it"s still the middle of October.Yes, it's still autumn!! The weather man said that the low temperature would be 2 degrees around Bath. He was exactly right!! I want to be having a hot spring bath while viewing the scenery when it's so cold. There are some cows by my house and I am wondering whether they are chilly becuse they haven't got a house or woolly coats.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My hobbies

I have been making jewelery with beads for 6 years. I have lots of beads which I brought with me from Japan. So I have been beading without learning English!! I wish I could have more motivation to learn English like I have for beading...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Nice to meet you!

Hello, I am a Japanese who is living in near Bath with my boyfriend.
I have been worried that I haven't been learning English since I came here at the end of August even thought I am not good at English, so I determined to write my blog in English and will discribe my opinions about Enldand and Japan e.t.c.
I hope to keep to this as much as possible.