Friday, December 28, 2007

Going back to Japan

I am going to stop writing this blog for a while because I am going back to Japan. So I will start this again when I come back to England. Thanks

Thursday, December 20, 2007

My adherence for learning English part3

I started going abroad with my friend after I stopped the English classes because I hated learning English. I met a Japanese man who was working for a travel agency for Japanese tourists when I went to Australia. He came there with a working-holiday visa to be able to work and was also going to English school as well. Broadly speaking, the benefit is living in the country and mastering speaking English naturally. I still remember what he said that the best way of learning English is living abroad. I could not forget it. Then I was aware that going to English schools weren't suitable for me, staying abroad and learning it is good for me. But I couldn't do it then even though I thought that I wish I could speak English whenever I went abroad.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My adherence for learning English part 2

I couldn't deny my urge to speak English after I left school. So I went to English speaking classes twice a week after I finished my work, but it was nigthmare because the class level was higher than my level, so I could not follow the lessons and there were 7 or 8 students for the teacher to manage. I didn't like it much. Normally there were less students per class, and you needed to find a class at the right level. There was a cabin attendant in my class, it seemed at the time that she spoke English fluently, but now I'm not so sure. Of course, I didn't have an oppotunity to speak with her and I didn't understand what the teacher said. So, I was getting hateful of English. I hated the class rather than English. I stopped the class after 6 months and spent lots of money in vain.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My adherence for learning English part 1

I don't know why I was fascinated with English. As I wrote last time, my school record of English was not good because I couldn't follow the system of teaching English. I could manage to remember English words but couldn't make English sentences because we didn't learn it, also we didn't learn speaking in Japan. We only read textbooks after the teacher read it and the teacher interpreted the meaning and explained the English grammar. It is open to question whether the teachers really understood the meanings and whether they could speak English well. However, I had been thinking that I would be able to speak English for a long time, even though my results were not good.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Idiot me again!!

I estimated how many more Asia Miles points I need to gain a free return air ticket to Japan. I need another 7940 poinds and I am going to get 7823 points the end of this year. Bloody hell!!! I thought that I would gain the free ticket when I go back to Japan this time. Also I lose 562 points at the end of October because they will be over the term limit. I could have kept them if I paid extra. What a shame!! I regret that I didn't estimate it properly. It was very silly of me not to think about it. Anyway, it's no use crying over spilt milk!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My worries

It's that I don't feel that my English has improved. I feel that it is the same as last year. In particular, I feel that my listening abilities hasn't improved. Did it stop, perhaps? I want to believe it 's not true!! Certainly, I've started learning English again after I was over 30 years old, I didn't like it when I was a student the first time. I know that this ability is invisible and success is hard to measure. Also I understand that my present English is much better than when I was in Sri Lanka. The longer I continue learning, I know the better my skills will be.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Idiot me

I am going back to Japan on the 29th via Hong Kong so am staying in Hong Kong on the 30th because I like to buy beads and eat mango pudding there. Whenever I go abroad by the Cathay Pacific airline, I always stay in Hong Kong for a night, so it's like a holiday for me. I love Hong Kong!! But, I've noticed that I am staying in Hong Kong on Sunday. So it's possible that the bead shops won't be open, becase they are not really tourist shops. I only thought about the day I would arrive in Japan without thinking about Hong Kong when I booked my flight.
How stupid I am!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

My disappointment

I gave my jewellery that I made to an art shop to display and sell about 2 months ago. The shop is very effective because they display free of charge with no time limit as well. But my jewellery still hadn't been displayed when I visited there last time which was already over 3 weeks since I gave them. The member of staff excuse was that they had been busy. So I made price tags and put them on the jewellery with my boyfriend. So we prepared them to get ready to display soon and gave them to the shop again. I expectantly went to the shop to see my jewellery which should be in show cases. But my expectation was wrong!! I am very very disappointed with the shop but I can not complain to them because I want them to display and sell my jewellery and the shop is very effective if they do it.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

My travel history

I need to document my travel history during the past decade to apply for my visa. I wrote it out last night and it took an hour because I have travelled over 30 times including stop overs and 9 different countries, in particular I visited HongKong 10 times. Also I had to write the reasons, the periods, the destinations. It may be useful for the Embassy to refer to travel histories, but I am doubtful why they need this information.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Speaking on a phone

It's my weak point - speaking English. I had to phone about changing my airticket to the airline company. But not just change it, I wanted to know whether I can stop over in Hong Kong as I had originally intended to go straight back to Japan. I phoned the company with a nervous feeling. What matters to me is whether I can understand their English. But, the person who answerd was a HongKong Chinese. His English was very clear but he wasn't sure about my request and he said that he would conform it with the Tokyo office. The next day, I phoned them again without feeling nervous and the person was an English lady against my expection!! But I understood her English clearly because my matter had already been worked out. So I am able to stay in HongKong. Yippee!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

My beads

I've got lots of beads and jewellery making stuff. I have been feeling that I should tidy them up for a long time. I did it today but I gave it up after only an hour because I wasn't sure how to organise them. I am not good at tidying up, but curiously enough, I know where everything is. So the reason why I stopped tidying up was that they have already been tidied up in my mind. I adore beads put in small bottles and clear cases beautifuly like we see it in bead magazines. However, I prefer to buying more beads rather than buying the cases to put the beads in.