Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pants the adventurer part 3

I saw my hamster once while he was missing. It was when I went to the toilet during the night. But I couldn't catch him because he was standing by the hole and I expected that he would go back into the hole again if I moved. I had no choice but to watch him quietly.
My husbund and I were relieved a little that Pants was still alive.
After he had been gone for 5 days, I felt something hit my foot when I was having breakfast. It was Pants. I cornered him quickly and caught him!! I am happy with him again.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Pants the adventurer part 2

My husband bought a rat trap and set it with a small piece of cucumber which is one of Pants' favorite foods. The next morning, the door of the trap was shut but he wasn't there, although the bait was gone. We considered how to catch him and my husband had a good idea that was putting the tubular part of his cage under the floor with baits and hope he goes back in the cage. We tried to do it this way for couple of days but he didn't come back home even though the bait was gone.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pants the adventurer part 1

He had been missing for 5 days, but I and my husband knew where he was. He lived under the floor for a while. The reason why this had happened was that I released him on to the sofa and he escaped from my hands when I tried to return him to the cage. There is a big hole which goes under the floor in the room. Hamsters love the coners in rooms. Unluckily the hole was by the corner. I tried to catch him many times but it's too late, he had already gone into the hole. Oh My God !!!