Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pants the Hamstar

I have got a new member of my family called "Pants". He is still a young boy but not a baby, so he hasn't stopped growing yet. He is so sweet. But unfortunately we haven't handled him yet because he hasn't got used to the new life with us.
When I got up this morning, he was making his bed in his toilet!! then I tried to catch him and lead him to his bedroom, but he made no disguise of his fear of me. I had no choice but to let him go as he likes. I hope he will soon get on with us.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Swanage Blues Festival 2008

Anyway, it was very busy whenever we went into the pubs, because lots of people were in Swanage to listen to the music and also the bands were semi-professional. I wished that I could request my favorite music from them. I would be happier. I love cider although I am a slow drinker. My husband and his friend drink much faster than me but I can't keep up. I would vomit it if I drink faster, so I must drink in my own time.
This is my favorite pub in Swanage. The inside of the pub is made of stone and wood. The lighting gave a good atomosphere which meant warmth of feelings to me. I think that I could get on with learning English here even if I was drinking cider.
So we have been to the 7 pubs while we were there. Parsonally, I am more impressed with the pubs than the Blues Festival.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Swanage Blues Festival 2008 No1

It was the second time I have visited Swanage Blues festival. I think that It should instead be called visiting pubs in Swanage Festival 2008. This festival is as happy as can be for people who love music because all the bands play in the Pubs in Swanage. I am not particular about blues music, but any music is ok if I can dance to it and drink cider!! That's why I went there shamelessly.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The happiest day ever

I got married on the 3rd of March which is a special day for girls in Japan. I had never ever thought that I would get married to an Englishman. My feelings haven't changed at all compared to before the marriage so it hasn't sunk in yet that I am married.
I just thought about 4 years ago that I wanted to be able to speak English and started learning in SriLanka. If I thought that I would get married to an Englishman to myself at that time, I would have been surprised.
Every dog has his day, as the saying goes. I am not sure whether this phrase is the right expression of my life, although I feel it is so. Nobody knows what is in the future, that's why life is pleasent.