Friday, March 14, 2008

Swanage Blues Festival 2008

Anyway, it was very busy whenever we went into the pubs, because lots of people were in Swanage to listen to the music and also the bands were semi-professional. I wished that I could request my favorite music from them. I would be happier. I love cider although I am a slow drinker. My husband and his friend drink much faster than me but I can't keep up. I would vomit it if I drink faster, so I must drink in my own time.
This is my favorite pub in Swanage. The inside of the pub is made of stone and wood. The lighting gave a good atomosphere which meant warmth of feelings to me. I think that I could get on with learning English here even if I was drinking cider.
So we have been to the 7 pubs while we were there. Parsonally, I am more impressed with the pubs than the Blues Festival.

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